I AM…A Piece of Sh*t

Yesterday, I cried like a man. Sometimes life’s a poop museum and the struggle gets too much. So what did I do? I spoke a powerful affirmation: “I AM a piece of shit.” The minute I dove into that feeling and fully embraced it, relief washed over me. Why? Because holding myself up to the […]

warrior and castle (know-your-worth)

Know Your Worth. You Are Loved.

You are an amazing human being. You are a light in this world. You are talented, beautiful, and loved. How do these statements make you feel? Do you know your worth and accept it fully? Or are you the kind who smiles uncomfortably at compliments and deflects the situation as quickly as possible with self-crushing […]

man punching (feel-passionate)

Want to Feel Passionate? Learn it from a Chicken!

Dark eyes pierce my soul. Then the words cut through the silence like a well-aimed whip: “No matter what happens today, you’re going to touch people’s lives and leave them better than you found them. No matter what happens, remember you were put on this earth to make a difference.” The man holds my gaze […]

warrior with sword (find-your-power)

Choose your Avatar. Find your Power.

If you feel like life’s a drag and one vanilla moment after the next, then perhaps it’s time to create your avatar. What’s an Avatar? An avatar is a self-created way of being in this world in a more powerful way. My current avatar, the 11th Warrior, is a vehicle through which I express my […]