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Keep Going

The riches we want we already possess.
But sometimes the going gets tough,
And life’s a rough mess—
Of stress, struggle, shame, and blame…

We entertain the illusion that dreams have died.
With hearts in our mouths, we race down the dark slide.
We tell ourselves that we’ve tried and tried,
And yet, nothing good ever seems to arrive.
So how do we survive a moment of tribulation?
When all we perceive is foulness and aggravation?

Get up because you are breathing.
Life’s tenacity is what keeps your chest heaving.
You live and breathe in spite of thought.
This force is the spark of all you’ve ever sought.

For just a moment, stop thinking and let it be.
Enter into stillness.
Liberate the doves of serenity.
All life is poetry.
You are creative love sent to enlighten life’s mystery.

Sustain your march, fellow earthly soldier.
Use faith as the staff to maintain your composure.
The discipline to persist keeps evolution flowing.
Challenge is what our souls need to carry on growing.

So keep on going.
Focus your will into the knowing,
That the YOU—the I-Source in you—will see you through.
Let each breath be your reason to start anew, and continue
Because the muse of life,
Is the beating heart of you.

 © Jamin Olivencia

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