Jamin Olivencia (a.k.a. The 11th Warrior) is a professional wrestler, empowerment artist, and ambassador of positive change. He supports schools and individuals by facilitating important discussions about their values and challenges, and how to engage meaningfully with life.

Whether in the wrestling ring, school classroom, or supermarket parking lot,  the 11th Warrior's mission is the same—to connect people with their aliveness and excitement in life.

For the past 15+ years, The 11th Warrior has entertained people in the wrestling world, but the 11th Warrior is more than one man’s wrestling persona. It is a passionate way of being that yearns to be spread. Warriors who carry the 11 are relentless in their love. They look someone in the eye and greet them with a genuine smile.  They shake someone’s hand, not for empty formality, but to wholeheartedly acknowledge them for who they are.

The 11—two ones standing side by side—signifies the camaraderie that helps us ALL thrive in life. We’re all in this together. “All for one and one for all”, right? The 11 carries this pact for humanity. It reminds us that every interaction we have with one other contributes to our shared growth.