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Coincidence is not a glitch of the mind.
It’s Prime Source Serendipity,
Stretching across infinity,
Reaching into this reality,
Seeping signs to awaken mankind,
Eleven: Eleven – code for an elevated humanity.

Converse with the Universe.
A continuous stream of consciousness,
Exists beyond the human verse.
The signs are here, that we’re never abandoned to Earth’s wilderness.
Eleven: Eleven is heaven’s benevolence.
Angel dialect. A warrior’s impact. Epic contact. Clues to the soul’s contract.

Practical thinking complicates the equation.
Eleven: Eleven requires a soul’s translation.
Numbers and feathers, and pennies on the path…
Empath, sleuth your way to a greater truth:
A Mighty Universe doesn’t short-change with trinkets.
Think it: the digits are crumbs to the mansion.
Expansion contained in the ordinary.
We are constantly bombarded with the extraordinary.
Heaven throws these life-lines,
To steer us through the hard times.
If you’re hanging by a thread, it’s guiding you through the maze.
The Universe has its ways,
Of replicating numbers to shake you out of slumber.

Remember, that the Universe is a cosmic language forged in fire.
A blazing light linked to our heart’s desires.
It’s only the human mind’s deception that separates the living from the dead.
For rocks talk and brooks babble,
Seasons speak and winds howl.
Time is now. Heart to the plow.
Stand proud at the prow of your ship,

Pay attention to the hidden intention.
Eleven: Eleven’s in your blood and bones.
Navigate the world through your soul’s presence.
Give truth to your soul’s eminence.

You are a warrior free in an endless sea.
Exactly where you need to be.
Soak in the ocean spray of your mortality.
Day will come when fatality releases you from gravity,
And you will rise with the wings of your divine nature.
Soaring with elation at the sudden revelation that 11:11 is your perfection.
You were it all along –
Verse 11:11 in this chapter of creation.
The chorus of the Universe embedded in your heart’s song.

So brave the storm that batters your soul,
You’re here because you’re one of the strong, one of the bold.
Coming in at the 11th hour, to assist mankind into its full power.
It’s now or never Warriors of the light,
Realize that YOU are the HEAVEN.
YOU are God’s expression.
11:11 is a truth that you can no longer ignore,
Which is that YOU, dear friend, are the sign you’ve been waiting for.

  © Jamin Olivencia