Empowerment Artist

Jamin Olivencia (a.k.a. The 11th Warrior) is a professional wrestler, empowerment artist, and ambassador of positive change. He supports schools and individuals by facilitating important discussions about their values and challenges, and how to engage meaningfully with life.


An initiative to inspire community consciousness and compassionate, open dialogue amongst our children.

Professional Wrestling

Jamin is a former Champion, most recognizable from his time spent in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He captured the OVW Heavyweight Championship 3 times; including the longest reign in OVW history.

Live Speaking

This won’t be your average speaking event, but an interactive experience full of enthusiasm. Presentations are personable, conversational and inclusive.

Private Sessions

Create your own avatar. Are you being the most powerful vessel you can to carry your desires into this world?
You are YOUR creation. Question is, do you view your earthly identity as a prison cell or an opportunity to express your highest enthusiasm?

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