I AM…A Piece of Sh*t

Yesterday, I cried like a man. Sometimes life’s a poop museum and the struggle gets too much. So what did I do?

I spoke a powerful affirmation: “I AM a piece of shit.” The minute I dove into that feeling and fully embraced it, relief washed over me. Why? Because holding myself up to the standard of happiness all the time is an added stressor in life; it’s a denial of human fragility. On the other hand, allowing yourself to feel like crap sometimes releases you from the prison of perfectionism and expectation ( which is essentially a state of not-enoughness) and into the freedom of self-acceptance ( I-am-enoughness).

So instead of seeing sadness as the enemy, see it as the call for more love. The challenge of misery is to respond to it as an opportunity not a dead end. It’s an opportunity to show yourself more empathy and compassion. It is an opportunity to look deeply into the most fragile part of you and say: “I see you, and through my seeing of you we are made whole again”.

The funny thing is, the more I told myself I was a piece of shit, the more I wanted to laugh. Somehow saying it multiple times took the sting out, because more so than the words, I was repeating and reinforcing the attitude of self-acceptance.

See, the magic’s not in the “abracadabra” or the words themselves. Power or disempowerment lies in your relationship to the story you tell yourself. If you want to disarm the poisonous, inner dialogue, try playing nice for a change. Take the unwanted story by the hand, and look it in the eye. Accept it for what it is: the vulnerability within you acting up because it needs a little more compassion.

The next time you feel down, reclaim all the broken shards of you. FEEL your shit, ACKNOWLEDGE your shit, OWN your shit. No matter what, you’re a work of art and your soul knows it.










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