What Does Passion Mean to You?

What would passion mean to you,
If you extinguished all that you knew?
Would your newborn eyes alight upon the thirst of a flower
breathing in the sun?
Would Passion quench its desire with a giddy hour,
laughing with loved ones?

Would you find fire in the persistence of weeds,
Pushing through the concrete cracks?
Or smile with wonder as the dew beads,
on a world reaching conscious climax?

What would passion mean to you,
When you’ve got nothing left to prove?
Would it mean Lamborghinis landing in your lap?
Lavish symphonies already composed?
Free-flowing martinis manifesting with a finger snap?
Passion, ribbon-wrapped in the grandiose?

What if our conditioned expectations are the trap not the map,
which render us comatose?

What would passion mean to you,
If you didn’t wait for life to choose you?
And instead, you rose to the occasion,
by aligning with your values no matter what the norms?
For if you make each moment your vocation,

Purpose would find its avenue, even amongst the thorns.

What would passion mean to you,
If tomorrow was the last breath you ever drew?
Would you realize too late that Presence is of the Essence?
Strip away pretention.

Enter the abyss of what’s amiss in your existence.
The emptiness and longing you thought were death,
is spaciousness reaching for expansion—
Hollow lungs gasping for first breath.

Here and Now,
Remember what your soul already knows—
The Original fire it lit,

when it was emboldened by its own bliss,
and laughed at the shadows.

There’s no better time than this,
to advance farther than the shallows.

Boldly lift the blindfold.
Don’t you think you’re ready,
for your heart’s story to unfold?
These words are the spark,

of Passion taking hold.
Guide them to their mark,
and call your Spirit home.

© Jamin Olivencia