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11th Warrior

Jamin Olivencia (a.k.a. The 11th Warrior) is a professional wrestler, empowerment artist, and ambassador of positive change. He supports schools and individuals by facilitating important discussions about their values and challenges, and how to engage meaningfully with life.

Whether in the wrestling ring, school classroom, or supermarket parking lot,  the 11th Warrior’s mission is the same—to connect people with their aliveness and excitement in life.

For the past 15+ years, The 11th Warrior has entertained people in the wrestling world, but the 11th Warrior is more than one man’s wrestling persona. It is a passionate way of being that yearns to be spread. Warriors who carry the 11 are relentless in their love. They look someone in the eye and greet them with a genuine smile.  They shake someone’s hand, not for empty formality, but to wholeheartedly acknowledge them for who they are.

The 11—two ones standing side by side—signifies the camaraderie that helps us ALL thrive in life. We’re all in this together. “All for one and one for all”, right? The 11 carries this pact for humanity. It reminds us that every interaction we have with one other contributes to our shared growth.

Building The Community




An initiative to inspire community consciousness and compassionate, open dialogue amongst our children.

Jamin has worked with schools throughout the country, providing mentoring for kids across all ages. His background as a special needs student allows him to easily relate to youths with similar struggles. He works with groups of kids on a regular basis, discussing life serving themes such as goal setting, emotional management and forming healthy relationships. As a father himself, Jamin understands the importance of providing our children with a holistic support system.

Jamin aims to cultivate supportive environments where kids are heard, acknowledged, and engaged in deeper conversation rather than being talked at. “The Elevation Movement” encourages classroom interactions where kids hold space for each other as they explore their passions and challenges. More than just a talk delivered by one speaker, “The Elevation Movement” actively engages children in the practice of compassionate presence—an attitude which will take them through life.

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Jamin is a former Champion, most recognizable from his time spent in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He captured the OVW Heavyweight Championship 3 times ( including the longest reign in OVW history).

Jamin has worked with multiple promotions—in the U.S. and internationally—in his 15+ years of wrestling. If you want to FEEL emotion and intensity, Jamin’s the guy.

Wrestling workshops & seminars also available. Topics include: Wrestling Psychology, The Art of Selling, Developing Promo Skills, and Capturing Presence.



Building an atmosphere that thrives on the here and now is what Jamin Olivencia loves to do! This won’t be your average speaking event, but an interactive experience full of enthusiasm. Presentations are personable, conversational and inclusive. You won’t need the coffee either. You’ll be creating that caffeine hit together through shared stories, creative thinking, and FUN.




Feel like the walking dead? Happiness is not a mystical unicorn, but an attainable truth. Explore the different dimensions of creativity and reconnect with your inner spark. As a poet, wrestler, artist, and theatre performer, Jamin is no stranger to creativity. Discover how to harness your imagination to feel alive again. This workshop will help you remember how exciting life is!


What does it mean to embody meaningful presence around yourself and others? Get rooted in your core values and align with your personal strengths. The world needs you! Have fun activating the self you really want to express. This workshop is all about the specialness of you.


Take steps to identify and understand your passion. Empowerment is in the implementation. Explore ways to purposefully contribute your passion to the world.

(For corporate events, private functions, etc.)



Create your own avatar. Are you being the most powerful vessel you can to carry your desires into this world?

You are YOUR creation. Question is, do you view your earthly identity as a prison cell or an opportunity to express your highest enthusiasm?

In these sessions, Jamin will work with you on opening your heart to the grander possibility that life is worth the adventure. You will engage in meaningful ideas, creative brainstorming, and conversations that allow you to find the answers within yourself.

Whether you are experiencing low self-esteem, addictive behaviors, or feeling impossibly stuck in negativity, there is nothing you can’t overcome. There are many possible versions of you. In your 1-1 sessions with Jamin, you will transform your darkness into a weapon that works for you instead of against you, and launch that like a spear honing in on your most uplifted self.

What to Expect:

  • Leverage on imagination and creativity to create the life you want.
  • Harness the power of your present experience no matter how bleak it seems.
  • Get to the root of what you truly value. Everyone has their own unique version of what success means to them.
  • Recover what’s “missing” in your life by finding the specialness within you.
  • Enjoy finding yourself again! It’s not always about battling your negativity!
  • Regular encouragement, and check-ins.

(Free 30 minutes trial session available.)




Heather Warne

Heather Warne

Canton, OH

"Being coached by Jamin was truly a remarkable experience! One that ultimately resulted in an immediate breakthrough. His words are some kind of catalyst behind a movement. His gift is more unique in that somehow when he speaks I see this matrix of movement, and I believe that's the reiki side of him. Jamin made me feel like he knew my story and he cared about me getting to the next level. Extremely motivational and powerful!"

Santino Marella

Santino Marella

Former WWE Superstar

"Jamin has the unique ability to help people get the most out of their own energy and their own lives. He definitely leads by example and his passion and thirst for life is quite evident. Upon achieving a deeper level of communication with him, one will experience an elevation in life to a place much more desirable and fun."

Cheryl Elaine

Cheryl Elaine

Bristol, VA

"With his outstanding personality Jamin Olivencia ceases to amaze individuals and also myself to grow spiritually and keep the faith. Such a dynamic speaker.”

Brianna Simone

Brianna Simone

Louisville, KY

    "Jamin is one of the most powerful beings I've had the privilege to meet and know. Even while having simple conversations I can feel his channeling energies fill me with light. With his powerful psychic capabilities and keen clairvoyance he is the ideal teacher to turn to for guidance."

    Sarah Hess

    Sarah Hess

    Indianapolis, IN

    "Jamin is a person that inspires you awaken to your higher purpose, opens up possibilities within your own self. He genuinely loves helping others reach their highest potential. Truly one of the most beautiful souls I have had the opportunity to meet in life. I will forever be grateful for the impact he's had upon my life."

    Darren Frank

    Darren Frank

    Louisville, KY

    "With the soul of a warrior and the heart of child Jamin Olivencia is making a difference in the Kentuckiana spiritual community. In a society where it's you against the world Jamin stands on your side. Every voice should be heard and every person matters and Jamin speaks for those without a voice."



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